Versata BRMS


Versata’s powerful Business Rules Management System (BRMS) allows you to write, build and test robust applications in a matter of minutes, leveraging the power of rules-based logic to build better, faster business applications.

Organizations that need to build and deploy truly enterprise-class applications – applications that will support 1,000s of concurrent power users or 100s of third-party client implementations – will prefer Versata’s BRMS over other less robust application development platforms.

Building your Application with BRMS

  • Specify what the application must do, rather than how it does it
  • Declare spreadsheet like rules for business logic
  • Complete applications from just a site-map drawing
  • Benefit from scalability and performance enhancing services, such as load balancing, connection pooling, failover, and object caching
  • Debug with a simple mock server – avoid time consuming full application server deployment
  • Enable intuitive JSF applications with exciting Web 2.0 interfaces

Leverage killer developer productivity features, including:

  • Eclipse based Integrated Development Environment
  • Runtime SOA Framework with fully executable and extensible rules
  • Highly optimized rule engine to minimize network and database overhead
  • Automatic re-optimization of a rule after every update
  • Re-usable component based architecture
  • Drag and drop application structure assembly
  • Drag and drop CRUD data forms
  • One-click related data forms
  • Live data preview within the application developer “studio” environment
  • Rich entry field validation
  • Built-in data grid pagination


Create compelling JSF / Web 2.0 application screens

Administering your Application Built with BRMS

  • Easy user interface for management of security information
  • Control tasks such as mapping transaction logic objects to data sources, configuring BRMS, replicating data to multiple servers, managing deployed business objects, monitoring performance, managing sessions, managing server operations, tracing, and logging
  • Fine-tune the system – for example, set server properties for data access, and set database connection pooling parameters
  • Manage security administration of business objects, including tasks such as adding and removing users, assigning roles to users, and assigning security permissions to roles


BRMS Certified Platforms

Experience has shown us that accelerated innovation is enabled by depth of platform focus, not breadth. For that reason, Versata’s focus is consistent innovation of BRMS on a targeted set of stable and powerful platforms:

BRMS 2012 Standard BRMS 2012 Enterprise
Operating System
Windows 7 Windows 7
Operating System
(App Server/ Database)
Windows Server 2008 r2 Windows Server 2008 r2
Redhat Enterprise Linux (RHEL 5.6)
Java JDK 1.6 JDK 1.6
JBoss 7.1 JBoss 7.1
Database SQL Server 2008 SQL Server 2008
Oracle 11g