Versata BRMS

VSK drives Success at FAST2 with Versata.


VSK (Västerås Systemkonsult AB) was established in Sweden more than 35 years ago by three IT experts who had worked together for years. Their experience in building planning and administrative data systems together culminated in the creation of EmiR, an ERP system with integrated business processes.

VSK has always looked for ways to simplify their EmiR product, which is why in 1999 they decided to move to Versata BRMS as their platform. Versata’s use of declarative rules, versus having to program every action and reaction, simplified EmiR substantially by raising its level of abstraction.

Today, all new functions necessary to make VSK customers successful are built on Versata. The Versata platform minimizes client code by declaring rules on the server side, which these customers – many of whom have been with VSK for decades – appreciate greatly. Versata makes it possible for VSK clients to keep EmiR even as they build and adapt to new ERP systems, ranging from Oracle to SAP and more.

FAST2 Is Born

Two decades after VSK began serving clients in the ERP space, they developed a system on behalf of a group of public housing nonprofit organizations. The system became a product, and then became a company – the company was named FAST2. After an initial release that left them wanting more, FAST2 began its long journey using Versata BRMS as the platform.

FAST2 is an administrative system used for real estate and property management – primarily for the very popular publically owned apartment (adult and student) housing in Sweden. Because FAST2 is built on Versata BRMS, development tasks on FAST2 can be divided based on skill level. In other words, one developer can specialize in declaring business rules, while another can specialize in writing the Java code that will be triggered by those rules.

FAST2 Today

While there are competitors to FAST2, none have the flexibility that FAST2 offers, thanks to the Versata BRMS platform. Most systems run on a single platform, whereas Java-based FAST2 can run on Linux, Windows, Mac OS and more.

It’s due in part to this fact that fifteen years after starting the journey with Versata BRMS, FAST2 has become an unequivocal success. Many companies in Sweden, ranging from small to very large, are using FAST2 – and therefore Versata – to manage a wide range of properties. From industrial buildings to public housing, royal castles to student apartments, FAST2 is behind the places that house countless Swedes.